Terms and Conditions 2020

  • I agree that all Da Base communication is sent via email, private Facebook members group and mobile communication including WhatsApp

  • I agree it is our responsibility to ensure that the Da Base office has up-to-date email addresses and mobile telephone numbers on file

  • I agree it is up to me as the parent/guardian to keep all information correct and up to date 

  • I agree to be responsible for reading all correspondence & respecting any deadlines. In the event that Da Base needs to cancel a class, you agree that you will be contacted via email/telephone and via the Da Base private Facebook members page. Please check your emails (including junk) and/or Facebook prior to coming to class

  • Da Base is an anti-bullying community and bullying will not be tolerated and will result in membership cancellation

  • Students agree to be respectful to others, unacceptable language or behaviour will not be tolerated and may also result in membership cancellation

  • Da Base Music expects all students to show respect and manners to all staff and fellow students.

  • Da Base Music Centre reserves the right to exclude any child from classes given reasonable grounds on misbehaviour.

  • You are signing up to a 6 week free course; please inform us giving 2 weeks notice via email to info@dabasemusic.co.uk if you no onger wish to participate

  • If your child has to self isolate and therefore cannot attend classes please inform info@dabasemusic.co.uk 

  • I agree that Da Base takes no responsibility for students signing in early for classes. Students are in our care during the class times from when they enter and leave the premises. Please do not leave under 16’s unattended pre class. We expect parents/guardians to collect students under the age of 16 on time at the end of the session. If we are required to release a student without a parent/guardian present a signed letter must be given to a Da Base staff before the lesson

  • I give permission to Da Base to administer first aid and seek non-urgent medical treatment and urgent medical treatment for the student

  • I understand that in an emergency, parents/guardians will be contacted AFTER the emergency services and I support the Da Base team for acting to the best of their professional judgement in such situations.

  • I hereby declare any physical, mental health problems, restrictions, or conditions and declare the student to be in good physical and mental health

  • I understand that as with any physical activity, dance/fitness/performing arts classes involve a degree of risk of strain/injury, and that I, in no way, hold New Groove Creative or any individual working on its behalf, responsible for any injury howsoever caused

  • I agree to New Groove Creative’s policy on physical contact. It is unrealistic for New Groove Creative to prohibit physical contact between its staff and children. Touch is an essential part of the creative interpretation of roles as well as a means of directing movement, correcting placement, encouraging performance and providing comfort and reassurance. It is important for staff to be sensitive to a child's reaction to physical contact and to act appropriately. Touch must always be related to the needs of the child (Please see Covid clause below)

  • I understand that classes may include a range of teaching methods & subject related activities

  • I agree that I am paying for the complete Da Base music experience, not for a specific teacher, and therefore in exceptional circumstances, for example staff sickness; I agree that I may enjoy classes with another teacher of an equally high standard

  • I understand Da Base is not responsible for any personal property and that any lost property will be held for 28 days prior to being given to charity

  • I hereby give Da Base permission to use photographs and video clips of the student taking part in classes and activities at New Groove Creative for publicity channels including website, social media, posters and flyers

  • I agree to uphold Da Base's values at all times: Passion & Positivity, Energy, Nurturing, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Creativity, Integrity, Fairness, Performance, Confidence, Accountability, Equality and Fun

  • I agree to respect these values during my experience at Da Base



Covid-19 Clause 2020 


  • I agree that social distancing will be maintained at all times when attending Da Base classes/events

  • I agree that my child will not attend classes if displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 which include new/continuous cough, high temperature and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

  • I agree that every person(s) entering classes will use the hands free sanitiser before/after class 

  • I agree All New Groove Creative students will be asked to use our 'catch it, bin it, kill it' policy 

  • I agree there will be no touching, hugging or high-fiving during classes

  • I agree that I must check in using the NHS Track & Trace QR code provided before entering any classes

  • I agree it is my responsibility as parent/guardian to ensure I have updated the health form of any changes in a household due to Covid-19

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