Music Club

Juniors and Teenagers
What does the project involve?

Music Album

You'll be creating your very own music album...from scratch.. This includes 


- the music production of each track

- instrument arrangements

- Exploring different genres of music


The project will involve young people working as part of a team to create and form a group. The students will then create a group name and create an image for their group. i.e what does there group stand for and who do they represent?

The music club is split into two groups, juniors (9-12 years) and teenagers (13-19 years). Our classes focus on music technology, music production, djinn, songwriting, singing styles, rapping, content creation, performing arts and much more. 

What is it?

Video Recording & Editing 

Once all songs have been written and recorded, teh group will then have the difficult choice of shoosing their favourite track from the album they've created. Once chosen teh next step for for teh group is to shoot a music video. This will involve teh 

- brainstorming  together and developing ideas for their a short film for your music video

- creating and developing a story/short film

- planing the location of the video/Where are we going to shoot the video?

- What type of shots and scenery will be used

- Video will be directed and shot by you

Song writing 

Students will work as a group and brainstorm song ideas for the tracks on the album. During the song writing process also includes the following;

- Develop creative rhymes 

- Arrange the structure of songs


After all the tracks have been completed, students will then take part in a photoshoot to create artwork for their album. After the photoshoot, the group will pick their favourite photo to use as the album cover.

End of project Performance

At the end of project, students will showcase their debut album by performing their songs live to family and friends. 

- Last week we’ll organize and arrange to hold a showcase of your work 

- We’ll have to arrange practice sessions

- Invite family and friends

When is it?

These fun and engaging sessions operate during term time, out of school hours, and run for two hours each week. Classes are £10 and run every Friday from 18:00 - 20:00 for the teenagers and every Saturday from 10:00 - 12:00 for the juniors.

How can I sign up?

The next music project start date is Friday the 10th of March for teenagers and Saturday the 11th of March for juniors. Please note, spaces are limited to ten students per course and students will be selected on a first come first serve basis.


Payments are taken a week in advance each session.To register your child and find out more about the music club, please contact us with your enquiry here