Recording Studio Party


We run studio parties for grown ups too! If you like karaoke and want an original idea for a really sophisticated party, you’ll love Studiostars. Pick your fave songs, hit the studio and get the evening started – it’s the most fun you can have in front of a microphone!

A real recording experience

You can choose four of your favourite songs to record in a two hour party. There’s plenty of room to chill out or get changed for later, and we even have free parking right outside.

We can teach you some of the tricks we use to make the pros sound so good. There’s a photoshoot as well, with plenty of pop star posing! You can download the pictures from our server afterwards to share with your new band mates.

We’ll record three songs over an amazing two hours, with plenty of time to take photos and videos. There’s loads of room for parents and guests, and we’ll also be showing you some of the tricks we use to make real pop singers sound better!

You can choose any three songs you like – chart hits, show tunes, or classics. Just let us know and we’ll get them ready for your session. Tell your friends to get practising!

What happens on the day?

First, we’ll show you around the studio and explain how everything works and what the equipment is used for.


Then, we’ll run through the songs to get everyone warmed up. Don’t worry, all the lyrics will be printed out ready for you in case you don't know all the words.


Next, we'll go into the recording booth where you record your vocals. This is your time to shine! 


After the first take, everybody comes to the music desk to listen to the first take. You'll be amazed to hear how you sound when you're not singing in the shower!


Halfway through the party, there’s a quick photo shoot with your band which we will use to make your CD cover.


After we've recorded the three chosen songs we'll listen to the music we’ve recorded, and decide the order of our tracks on our CD.

"We will DEFINITELY be coming back again, the studio is amazing and my friends and I had such a great time! Thanks to everyone at da base!" - Lauren G

"Thank you again for such an amazing experience, the kids could not stop singing the songs they recorded during the drive back home!" - Casey M


All of our music party sessions take place on Saturdays at our Ashford based studio. All party sessions include snacks, soft drinks, a photo shoot and CDs for everybody! We also email you a mp3 file for you to download to your phone or PC!

10.30am - 12.30pm

  1.00pm - 3.00pm

  3.30pm - 5.30pm

  6.30pm - 8.30pm


Got questions?


Please contact us at and one of our representatives who will assist you in planning your music studio party.


Party Prices

2 hours

3 songs

Up to 10 people 

CDs & mp3 files for everyone


Music Video

Snacks & soft drinks included

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Simple, easy and very funny!

After you’ve gone, we’ll mix your tracks really properly to make you sound better than ever!  We print your cover shot and make a CD for everyone, then send these out in the post to you first class.