Superstar Karaoke

Kids and Teenagers 8-16yrs

Have an unforgettable experience recording your favourite songs with friends and family in our music recording studio. Choose from your best songs, name your group, now your ready to record! Da base music centre provides the ultimate birthday party for music lovers. A real recording session in our music recording studio on your birthday! All party sessions include snacks, soft drinks, a photo shoot and CDs for everybody! We also email you a mp3 file to download to your smart phone or PC!

What happens on the day?

When you arrive at the studio, we'll show you how everything works and what everything is used for. Then we'll have a practise session of the songs you've chosen. to warm your voices up and get ready for the real thing. We'll have all the lyrics printed out for you so don't worry if you've forgotten the words.

After the warm up, we'll go into the music recording booth to record your vocals. After everyone has recorded their parts, we'll listen back  and hear how different everybody sounds when we're not singing in the shower!


Afterwards, we'll have a mini photo shoot of your band and use the best photo for your CD cover. Once completed, we'll start getting ready to record the next two tracks. Headphones on, mic ready, lets get recording! 

Book your party!

Give us a call on 01233 333380 or fill out our booking form  and send it to We'll confirm availability and send you more information with everything you need to know about the party!